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At the Safe and Sound Project we try to update the pictures of our available dogs for adoption on our website on a weekly basis (once a dog has been adopted, we will do our best to remove their photo as soon as possible). Initially, we will process applications from within our geographic radius (tri city area). We put an endless number of hours into socializing the adult dogs to gain their trust and hand raising young orphans, often becoming very attached. These rescues have a special place in our hearts and we want to ensure they return for any needed vet care (vaccines, spay/neuter surgery etc.) that they deserve. Our biggest reward is receiving updates from their new pet parents and getting to see them grow into happy and healthy loved pets.  After a couple of weeks if we have not been able to place them, we open adoption applications to further surrounding areas. We understand that this may be frustrating, but please try to understand where we are coming from.

You can fill out an Adoption Application online now! Please click here to find it!

The Safe and Sound Project offers pets intake on an animal by animal basis. If you know a pet in need, please contact us for availability and resources. We will take multiple applications for one animal and approve an adoption for the best suited home. Please contact us if you have a specific dog in mind. We can notify you if a pet meeting your description becomes available for our dog adoptions programs.