A Story of Love & Courage…

A Story of Love & Courage…

Remi’s story…

Meet Remi – born with a SEVERELY deformed front leg – this little man has defied all the odds (see video below).
You see, not only was Little Remi born with a bum leg, but this 0.5 kg toy fox terrier just STOPPED growing. He is literally the size of a guinea pig and just stopped growing when he was about 12 weeks old.

When he presented – his breeder was overwhelmed and discouraged and wanted nothing more than a great life, and hope for little Remi. So she decided to send him for care to The Safe & Sound Rescue Project.  He was the size of a hamster so we decided to put him into foster care and wait for him to grow so we could safely perform the necessary surgery.

But – he wouldn’t GROW!!

Thanks to foster mom, Kelly – Little Remi soon found a temporary loving foster home. Then we waited, and waited and waited for Little Remi to GROW!!

But – he wouldn’t GROW!!!

It just never happened. 0.5 kg of spitfire was all we would ever get!  This posed a pretty difficult surgical challenge. The smaller the patient, the more challenging things are like maintaining body temperature, blood pressure, blood sugar etc.

After about 3 more months it was clear – this was as good as it gets – so we decided to proceed with Full Quarter Amputation of the painful deformed limb. One of our amazing doctors, Dr Luke, performed a beautiful, textbook surgery; and with the help of a specialist – Little Remi’s recovery was also textbook.

Thank you for everyone involved – to the super team at Animal Hospital of Cambridge and to Super Mom/Dad Extraordinaire – Kelly and Chris.

Remi will have a beautiful life!!  He was just adopted and went to his new forever home last night, and some tears were shed. Tears of happiness of course! This case was the definition of team work. Although if you asked anyone at AHOC – it was all Little Remi!!!

 Remi recovering from surgery!

 Foster Mama, Kelly, helping Remi to eat

 All ready to go home!

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