Adult vs. Puppy Rescues

Adult vs. Puppy Rescues

A lot of people wonder if they get an adult dog if it will be easier than having a puppy! And the answer is sometimes yes, but sometimes no

The adult rescues we have that come into our care require the same amount of work as a puppy on some days. They are most likely not house-trained, and perhaps never walked on a leash before in their life. Although sometimes they are a little quicker to learn how to be house trained, they can also come with a lot of baggage. They require just as much work, if not more, than a puppy does solely because for most of their lives, they never truly learned what it meant to be a “free” dog. However, with some patience, understanding, and support, these dogs can begin to flourish and will always be truly thankful for everything you have done for them! And for that, we could not be more thankful or caring of these special rescues.
If you are thinking of adopting an adult dog, we can give you more information about each adult rescue in terms of their personality, demeanor and whether or not they get along with kids, other dogs, and people! We’ll have the most up to date information on each rescue. We also always suggest booking 2 viewings with adult dogs especially if you do have kids or other dogs at home, just to ensure it is a good match!

Please take a look at our FAQ section to learn a little more about other hard-pressing questions we get and to learn a little more about what to expect when adopting from a rescue like us!

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