MEET ANA (below):
Ana has been with us for far too long. We’re really hoping for a quiet, patient home with a loving family to come along soon! She is very timid and sometimes won’t go up to people, but if you sit on the floor and wait for her to come to you, she’ll start to build trust. She loves when people talk softly to her, she’ll start to wiggle her bum profusely! We think maybe she’d be most happy in a home with another dog for her to play with!


LUBA (below):
Luba came with some pretty bad eye problems, which resulted in one of her eyes having to be removed! Even after the surgery, she was still very happy to see us. She likes to lay low to the ground, but she’ll actually follow your hand to ask for more cuddles.


DAISY (below):
She is the one of the smartest, sweetest, kind dog we have had! Daisy came surrendered after her owner could no longer take care of her. Her health issues seem to be holding her back when it comes to her adoption, but we think with the right family, she’ll settle in quite nice! She loves to talk and will announce herself before entering any room, but we think that’s just the Sheltie in her. She walks GREAT on leash, she won’t pull, she’ll stay right next to you the entire time. She’s a very playful dog and will need to go to a home with lots of energy!

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