Welcome everyone to our new Safe & Sound Rescue website!

Please have a look through the various tabs and menus located on the top as we have updated some things! For example:

  1. We have a new adoption process! Please take a look at how to go about applying for a rescue under “Adoption Process”.
  2. You can now find the Adoption Application online to fill out before proceeding with the rest of the process! The Adoption Application can be found here.
  3. We will have various resources available at your fingertips under “Education and Resources”. Topics like nutrition, vaccines, pet insurance, and responsible breeding vs. puppy mills.
  4. We will have “Featured Posts” that will cover day-to-day topics like what to expect when adopting, adult dogs vs. adopting a puppy, breed information and background, and so much more!
  5. You can now sign up for a weekly newsletter! Keep in touch by joining our subscription list! You will get emails on a weekly or bi-weekly basis to let you know when we’ve added new posts to the website, or when we’ve updated our Rescues up for adoption! It is the best way to ensure you are kept in the loop.

You can still find our rescues currently available for adoption under the menu at the top! We hope to help you find that new addition to your family, and we thank you for your continued support of us now and for future years to come.

Love from all of us here at Safe & Sound Rescue Project.

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